Joint Master Degree Programme

Basic information about the programme

Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship

New international joint master programme
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Why Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship?

Is it possible to run a business with a positive social and environmental impact? What skills and competencies should socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs possess?

The Department of Environmental Studies is preparing a new Master Programme in Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship. Students will think critically and learn to analyse the social, environmental, and economic impact of business activities. They will develop their entrepreneurial competencies and design their own business projects. In cooperation with investors, companies, town offices, NGOs and scientific institutions, they will be able to start their own businesses.

Interdisciplinary study programme

The Programme is being prepared in cooperation with universities in Vienna, Barcelona and Copenhagen. Students will spend one semester at each of the four participating institutions. At Masaryk University, students will develop their systems thinking focused on sustainability and ecological economics. At Vienna University of Economics and Business, they will study business planning and management. This will include receiving practical support in improving their entrepreneurial skills. At University of Barcelona, the courses will concentrate on the methods of evaluating the sustainability in businesses and also on the administrative, legal, and political contexts of operating eco-social entrepreneurship. The last semester at Copenhagen Business School will lead students to take part in business acceleration programme, which will help them to transform the business idea into realization. Furthermore, students will look into R&D, innovation management, sustainable urbanism or social entrepreneurship.

Joint Master Degree

Graduates will receive a Joint Master Degree from all the partner universities. The joint master programme will be introduced within the framework of the well-respected Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme which offers scholarships to students from all over the world and which allows the participating universities to invite excellent international teachers as well as experts from the business world. For more information about Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme please visit the European Commission official page here.

  • Joint Master Degree, part of the Erasmus Mundus programme
  • students from all over the world, global alumni network
  • the first academic year 2021/2022
  • 2 years of study
  • 3 years of development within the framework of an Erasmus+ project CASE
  • 4 partner universities
  • 30 students every year

Teaching that emphasizes skills and competencies

  • interdisciplinary teaching
  • group projects focused on dealing with real-life situations
  • »sustainability week« – facilitation of group work, discussions with and lectures by sustainability experts
  • a self-made course designed by the students themselves

 Cooperation with the applied sector

  • development of responsible business plans in cooperation with a team of international experts as well as local entrepreneurs
  • internships, field trips, mentoring
  • »innovation week« – meetings and discussions with eco-social entrepreneurs in each semester of the programme
  • presentations of the graduating students’ projects at an annual start-up conference
  • involvement in the local innovative ecosystem

SusEntreJMD, a preparatory project of the new master has finished

From February to November 2018 a project „Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship – Preparation of new Joint Master Degree study programme (SusEntreJMD)“ has been realized by the Department of Environmental Studies. The project was supported by The South Moravian Region within the 2nd call Smart Accelerator – 4th activity Assistance. What has the project brought?

In the last year, the Department of Environmental Studies was intensively preparing the new Joint Master Degree programme. We have successfully started the accreditation process, which will continue in spring 2019.

During the year, the full consortium of the future study programme met 2 times, in April in Barcelona and in November in Vienna. We succeeded to prepare all documents for accreditation, and the curriculum of the programme.  Together with the coordinator from Vienna, Dr. Christian Rammel, we met mayor of Brno and received a patronage for the programme from Brno city.

One of the key tasks of the last year was to find a fourth partner of our programme. After the university from Amsterdam could not continue the process with us, we would not hope for better compensation. Copenhagen Business School, Danish public university from Copenhagen is one of the top business schools in Europe.


Mgr. Ing. Jan Blažek

Coordinator of the Programme Preparations

phone: +420 721 335 448

Mgr. Eva Fraňková, Ph.D.

Academic Guarantor of the Programme Preparations

phone: +420 737 973 094

doc. Mgr. Bohuslav Binka, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies

phone: +420 549 49 3270